INCARNADINE: THE TRUE MEMOIRS OF COUNT DRACULA has received it's first review... and it's a 5 star rave!

Author Randall Radic (A Priest in Hell, Sound of Meat) drew first blood writing for the lifestyle journal BASIL AND SPICE. Radic has given INCARNADINE a rating of "colossal," climaxing his review by admonishing readers to "begin the countdown for the sequel, which has already been written. "

Some excerpts:

"Needless to say, Dracula’s version of his life is vastly different than the one set forth by Bram Stoker. For starters, Dracula is much more sentimental – even romantic – which means he is also more cruel and violent than previously supposed. He is not a detached bloodthirsty monster, who is notoriously callous. Rather he is a passionate creature capable of horrific deeds because of the circumstances thrust upon him. Which means he is – in an elusive way – both charming and believable simultaneously. And it is these qualities that make him a creature worthy of sympathy.

"There is a delicate sense of imminence about Greene’s Dracula. Probably because he is impiously religious. Like the Biblical Satan, whose name means “the adversary,” Dracula contends with the Creator of the Universe, whom he calls “The Adversary.” Simply put, Dracula is at war with God.

Greene... is a superb stylist, couching his language in a kind of Gothic-gossamer prose that verges on the poetic. Yet for all its Medieval rhythm, Greene’s prose does not overpower the ebb and flow of the story... And together, the language and the story serve to grip the reader’s attention....

R.H. Greene has concocted and written a highly-stylized and gratifying restatement of a classic story. The result is a substantial Dracula, who is sensual and very alive.

On the Read-O-Meter, which ranges from 1-star (really, really bad) to 5-stars (colossal!),
Incarnadine sucks up a bloody-good 5-stars.

Begin the countdown for the sequel, which has already been written.

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