VAMPYRES.COM Reviews INCARNADINE, Says It's A "True Work of Art"

VAMPYRES ONLY editor Brad Middleton has posted a 5 Star review of INCARNADINE to VAMPYRES.COM under his nom de plume "Vladimir" in which he says the book "reassured [his] faith that there is still room for true works of art within this genre."

Middleton went on to praise INCARNADINE for "challenging my perception of the most iconic character in vampire literature," and for altering his thinking about Bram Stoker's venerable creation. "Dracula," Middleton writes, "is now much more than simply a fiend lurking within the shadows of a crumbling ruin high atop the Carpathian mountains. He's now a fully-realized character; a monster still, but one we now truly understand."

"The author has created an engrossing back-story to Dracula, breathing new life into what had become a tired, one-dimensional character," Middleton concluded "This is the Dracula we never knew; his tale is bittersweet, often philosophical, laced with moments of true happiness and great tragedy...

"The memoir continues in THE CHARNEL HOUSE, a companion volume set to offer Dracula's perspective on events that took place within Bram Stoker's novel. I, for one, am eagerly awaiting its publication."

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