Who is "VOLUPTUA?" Revisit a 1950s TV sex scandal with RH Greene

Who is "Voluptua?" In his latest broadcast documentary for public radio powerhouse KPCC, INCARNADINE author RH Greene profiles Gloria Pall, an "it" girl from the 1950s who worked with everyone from Abbot and Costello to Elvis Presley.

Pall's career took a scandalous turn in 1954 when she began appearing as "Voluptua," a sexy TV show hostess on LA-based KABC-TV. Voluptua pushed sexual boundaries way past the accepted norms, and a culture war resulted, with Pall denounced as "Corruptua" from pulpits throughout California. In "Voluptua: The Love Goddess," Gloria Pall reminisces about her days as a "bad girl," and re-enacts her most notorious role. You can hear it all right here.